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Coastal Virginia Investigations is a private investigation firm located in Norfolk, Virginia, and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Coastal Virginia Investigations has an outstanding reputation in the investigative field. Our business is built on integrity and professionalism with the goal of providing clients with the best possible results. All of our cases are handled with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity – cornerstones of the business of Coastal Virginia Investigations. This business approach has made us a leader in private investigation services in the Hampton Roads region. We specialize in undercover employees with emphasis in theft operations, drug trafficking, sexual harassment, and workplace conflict investigations.


Theft Operation Investigations in the Workplace

Warehouse and distribution theft is a huge problem generating an estimated annual revenue loss of $80 billion in the US alone. The problem inherently poses a low-risk environment where the gains can be high to the individual criminal or an organized theft ring. While warehouse theft is realized to be a huge loss factor to a business, most traditional security systems only concentrate on preventing breaking and entering scenarios. Security camera, alarm systems, and even uniformed security guards are generally not enough to overcome in-house theft activity. Hiring an undercover employee investigator may be the answer to stopping a theft problem you are experiencing.


Our private undercover employee investigators are well-versed in covertly exposing individual and organized theft activity. By working alongside your employees, they work diligently to quickly gain their trust using proven methods of accomplishing their purpose without raising suspicion and causing peripheral harm in the process. Our investigators are also adept in exposing operational procedure flaws (paperwork, inventory controls, inbound and outbound processes, etc....) that criminals exploit to their advantage. Reduce your business' losses today by calling Coastal Virginia Investigations.          


Drug Dealing and Abuse Investigations in the Workplace

Drug use and dealing in the workplace is not a new phenomenon and can be especially true for warehousing operations. While the problem affects all levels of society and can sometimes be difficult to identify, the problem is surprisingly easy to discern in the workplace and generally known by co-workers who keep the knowledge to themselves to maintain working relationships. Drug abuse and theft also go hand-in-hand as a problem for a warehouse operation. Especially when it comes to addictive substances where desperation for quick cash is a problem.


Our undercover employee investigators are adept at finding signs that indicate drug activity at your business. They look for signs such as observing an increase in visitors for one or more employees, physical changes in appearance for those who use, and employees who are frequently away from their workspace. Obviously, drug problems are a serious threat to any business. Call Coastal Virginia Investigations to put a stop to it - period.

Sexual Harassment Investigations in the Workplace

Today's litigious business environment doesn't allow for any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Even the smallest infractions can cost a business dearly in legal fees and settlement costs, as well as damaging your reputation for promoting a conducive work environment for everyone. Although not necessarily a primary cause for hiring an undercover employee investigator, we are also aware of observing and reporting situations that would open our client's up to sexual harassment lawsuits. Our investigators are trained to discern fact from rumors and can be called upon to testify in court, if necessary.


Conflict Investigations in the Workplace

It is no surprise that conflicts in the workplace results from differing personality traits and values among employees. In most cases, it involves inappropriate interaction behavior or intimidation issues between supervisors and their staff. Conflict between the two can leave staff feeling undervalued or put in a position of avoiding work tasks effectively which results in loss of productivity and unexplained employee turnover. In some cases, businesses who fail to identify conflicts in the workplace can result in claims or lawsuits brought upon by an employee.


Coastal Virginia Investigation's trained investigators possess extensive knowledge in effective workplace interactions. By playing the role of a trusted co-worker, we know how to communicate effectively with all parties involved to get the facts and report our findings for controlling this problem.

Contact us with any questions. If you would like to schedule a free confidential consultation or discuss your investigative needs further, you can do so by calling (757) 251-7000, or by sending an e-mail to info@coastalvainvestigations.com. Coastal Virginia Investigations serves the Hampton Roads region including Chesapeake, Gloucester, Hampton, Isle of Wight, James City, Mathews, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia beach, Williamsburg, York and the Greater Richmond Area including Richmond, Chester, Hopewell and Petersburg.